Friday, October 7, 2011

All You Need to Know About Offshore Wind Farms

A primer on planning, design and potential impacts of offshore wind farms is available from the Georgia Coastal Research Council (GCRC). The GCRC provides a mechanism for improved scientific exchange between coastal scientists and decision makers. The objective is to promote the incorporation of best-available scientific information into State and local resource management. Scientists, managers and decision-makers will find the information in this whitepaper interesting and useful.

The whitepaper provides background about offshore wind energy. The specific focus is on potential development in Georgia coastal waters, but the information gathered provides a current overview of this emerging new use of coastal waters.

  • Part I is an introduction to the use of offshore wind as a renewable energy source; 
  • Part II provides an overview of the components of a wind installation; 
  • Part III discusses factors that are considered in siting a wind facility; 
  • Part IV describes the environmental considerations associated with such a project; 
  • Part V describes planning tools and ongoing offshore wind energy initiatives.

This post relates to Topic 6: Management challenges to be discussed during the Synthesis Sessions at CERF 2011.

Laporte, C. and M. Alber. 2011. Offshore Wind Energy: Considerations for Georgia. Prepared by the Georgia Coastal Research Council, for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Resources Division. 41 pages.

Other sources of information on wind power in the southeast US:

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