Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CERF 2011: Exploring the Daytona Beach Area

Airboat tours of the Upper St Johns River
Several different companies run large airboat tours through the beautiful Upper St. Johns. All are very reputable companies and boast a wide variety of wildlife sightings…particularly the infamous FL gator. The tours have restaurants/fish camps, gift shops, and wildlife exhibits on site.

-Black Hammock Adventures is on Lake Jessup and will explore every creek and cranny for wildlife. Tours run about $35 for an hour with 12 people to a boat…can be longer.

-Lone Cabbage Tours is on Lake Poinsett and will glide through the grassy marshes of the St. Johns. Tours run about $40-65 depending on length of time and size of boat.

-Loughman Lake Lodge is on Loughman Lake and will tour the St Johns River and the grassy wetlands. Tours run about $40 for VIP private services.

-Central Florida Airboat tours is a smaller operation boasting close-up tours deeper into the swamps. Tours run about $40 per hour.

Gamble Rogers Music and Nature Festival
Available on Sunday only, you can spend the day at a regional folk festival at Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area. 
Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, this windswept park is named for Florida folk singer Gamble Rogers. Gamble Rogers State Park is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intra coastal waterway to the west. This 144 acre park offers coastal camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing and scenic relaxation.
Gamble Roger was a legendary folk hero who drowned trying to save someone in the ocean in 1991. He refined his storytelling craft, unique in its colorful cast of characters, settings, and philosophical humor and has been compared to that of Mark Twain and Will Rogers.

For kayak and canoe lovers….
Here’s a great link to appeal to all of you kayak and canoe lovers…for adventurers on your own. Scroll down and read some excellent reviews of regional paddles.

Kayak Sights.
Photos Credit: Marilyn Sullivan

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